Sunday, August 21, 2016

I LOVE Yellow or A Surefit Designs Twin Set

Just a few words about my 50th High School Reunion: It was a resounding success! So much so that I forgot to get some photos taken so no action shots of me in my jumpsuit or dress but both worked very well for the events.

I'm really interested in rotating darts at the moment and have been practicing by making simple tops. For the one I'm showing today , I opened up my DD bust dart in both the shoulder and center front areas.It's a simple process if you have the patience to make a copy of a pattern and to work methodically. There's quite a bit of cutting ,spreading, and taping involved. For more details if you want them, go here to Diana's Sewing Lessons.
Here is what my pattern front looks like before and after rotating the dart.


Before starting, I used Sally Silhouette to design a top I thought would go well with last summer's fun palazzo pant. I gave the Sandra Betzina top to my DGD because it was too fitted for my taste.

I curved the CF seam at the bottom by using my Design Stylus.

I turned the hem under 5/8" in the front but for the back, I sewed a 1 1/2 " facing because I cut it a little too short

This photo is a little pale but it shows the shirring at the shoulders and CF where I opened the bust dart.

The back is just plain.

Here's an "action " shot taken at our Family get-together which we hosted.

Now as for the topper, this is what I planned to do.

I changed my mind when I started to draft the pattern and I don't love the result. The polyester lace is not drapey enough and is a little too thick to tie at the waist nicely but this is what I did to the front  bodice. pattern

Here it is with this remodeled  10 year old dress that use to look like this .

This bright yellow top goes with a lot of my bottoms , especially this Rachel Comey skirt made for my trip to Paris last September,

These white Coldwater creek jeans,

and of course my wild and crazy palazzos. ( I admit the pics are quite washed out. I didn't pay attention to the settings !!)

I'm sewing up a storm this week. My son left for home with my Riley and Poppy on Sunday . I was one tired Nana and I decided to do whatever I pleased this week so of course that was to sew!  Such fun! I'll have lots to show you next time so please come back to see me.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Little Dresses fror Four Little Girls

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions about my retirement dress and shoes. I'll talk a little about how that event in my next post.

We have four little grand-daughters besides Jessica who is 19. They range in age from 4 to 8. Two are my husband son's David's s and two are my youngest son Jeff's. Jeff lives in Ottawa and David lives close by. Every summer when Jeff comes home, the four little girls get together and they are always so excited to see each other.

This year I decided I wanted to get pictures taken of the girls in matching (sort of ) dresses and I had so much fun creating these. I went so far as to buy the Surefit Designs children's master pattern kit to take away some of the challenge of fitting all four girls and it sure helped .

Here are the dresses. They are all made with lovely coordinating stretch cotton from Fabricville.

This is Sadie's who is almost 8. ( I can't believe it!!!)

This one is Sadie's little sister Addie who is 4  1/2.

Riley who is 6 1/2 got this one .

And  four year old Poppy's dress.

And here are the girls wearing their dresses.



                                                     You'll probably recognize Riley

                                                                            and  Sadie

It was a bit of a challenge to get a good pic of all four girls together but this one was pretty cute I thought.

I love my little girls and they were very cooperative during our photo shoot.
All four had a sleep over together for the first time and they were all very good.
Here they're watching a movie.

Next time I'll talk about my reunion but I hear two little girls calling for Nana so more later from

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Reunion Dinner/Dance Dress V1348

Before I talk about the dress I made for my 50th Reunion , I want to answer  Anne Scanapcio 's      question about the changes I made to the Silhouette Patterns yoga pant pattern when I made my jumpsuit.
.She asked how I joined the bottom to the bodice. I eliminated the waistband itself but added the amount to the pant plus 1 inch. I also added an extra inch to the bodice because I wanted it to blouson. As to what I did to the yoga pant pattern, I have a post here at Diana's Sewing Lessons on how I made the yoga pant into palazzo pants. I used the ensuing pattern and added 1 inch to the side seam all the way down. I hope that's clear Anne.

Now for my dress.

I decided that I wanted a colourful, comfortable and worry free dress for this important occasion. I call this my " Last Hoorah " dress!

 The pattern I used was  V1348. My fabric is cotton sateen bought at Fabricville.

Isn't it pretty ? It reminds me of a Monet garden with its splashes of colour.

The pattern fit really quite well and I had no problems at all in that regard. When I compared the bodice pieces to the  Princess seamed version of my Surefit Designs sloper I was happy to find it was very similar. I didn't even have to do an FBA but I did make a muslin to be sure. I cut the size 10 above the bust and 14 below that and it worked great.

I of course made a couple of changes. This is a designer pattern and it had you underlining the bodice which I didn't do. That was a mistake because I have nothing to attach the pleats to as a result. They seem fine and I'm not going to attach them the actual dress.

 Now for the big mistake I made. As I was cutting my dress out, I decided to not include the side seam pleats thinking it would just be too flared. Well I've ended up regretting that but there's nothing I can do now. I do love having the pockets though.


I sewed the facings in the traditional way and the understitching works well to keep them to the inside.

I decided to add an exposed zipper  and I love that look.

I decided to not line my dress. I don't enjoy wearing lined dresses in the heat of the summer the hang of the dress wasn't affected at all.


But see what I did do  to make it extra special!

The bias trim is in a highly contrasting colour but I had it on hand and it works, I think.

 Now you think that I'll be the only one to know it's there don't you and that it must have been a lot of work and it was  but I'll probably show it discreetly to some people because it's just too pretty to keep it to myself,  don't you agree?

I used a matching lace  tape  for the hem.

My pics didn't turn out very well but here they are anyway. i just can't seem to find the right setting for my camera lately !

I'm undecided about what shoes to wear. These black ones are not very dressy but would be very dance friendly and I do so love to dance.

These nude ones are better and are also very comfortable but I'm not likely to last as long on the dance floor with them as with the black ones

. What do you think? Should I go for comfort or looks ?

So my reunion sewing is finished and I still have tow weeks to go. That is a real accomplishment for me.
I've also almost finished four  matching (more or less ) little girl dresses for our four little grand-daughters . The real cahllenge is going to be the hpoto shoot and that may take some doing so I don't know what I'll show you next week but do check in to see.

thanks so much for having a look at my Last Hoorah dress.

More later from

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An SFD (Surefit Designs ) Jumpsuit

It seems jumpsuits are in for the long run. I made this one late last summer and it's such a fun piece to wear. I love it.

As it happens , at the end of July is my 50th High School reunion. I'm on the planning committee and if no one showed up, I'd still call it a success because it's been so much fun organizing the events.
Friday night the 29th is Meet and Greet night which my husband and I are hosting.

I wanted something really fun, sporty but special so I designed a jumpsuit using my SFD sloper together with my Silhouette Patterns yoga pant turned into palazzo pants.

Here's my drawing

and here's the jumpsuit. ( I love it !).

I'm so happy with how it turned out. The fit is just about perfect and I love the cut of the bottom.(pant) I used my beloved Milano rayon knit from Fabricville and it is just the right weight for this garment,

How did I make the top you might want to know ?
I simply closed the bust dart on a copy of my sloper and opened it in the shoulder area.

I also  added about an inch more to the width of the shoulder and then gathered it to fit an extended back shoulder.


 As you see in this pic I also added to the width of the bodice and drew a V neckline.I had originally planned on adding a wing collar but I felt that might make it too warm to wear on a hot July night.

I wanted the bodice to blouson a little so I added an extra inch at the waist. I had intended to sew open end darts in my original plan but that didn't work out. I added elastic to the waist and button closures to the bodice.

I managed to achieve a really good fit , thanks to my SFD sloper. As for the bottom, I've written several times about Silhouette Patterns 3400 yoga pant and what a flattering fit I get .

I'm very happy with my jumpsuit. It feels very elegant on and I think it's just the right garment for this important occasion.

I also made Jessica a jumpsuit yesterday by using her SFD sloper and  her Sil. Patterns yoga pant 
pattern. Hers is more fitted through the hips and less wide through the legs. I used the same method of closing the bust dart, opening at the shoulder and gathering to fit the back shoulder but rather than widening the shoulder I narrowed it.  I felt this was more suited to a young girl's shape. She loved it
and I needn't have worried that it wouldn't fit her because it really did! 

I love Surefit Designs! I even bought the children's kit and am busy using it to make four matching (sort of ) little girl dresses for my four little grand-daughters. It's so much fun !!! I'll be showing those next month after my son comes home with riley and poppy.

Next time , I want to show you the dress I made for the dinner and Dance evening of my reunion. It's really pretty, I think . So please come back to see.
                                                                                                                                                                       Happy Sewing from