Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kacy's Wrap by Silhouette Patterns

First, today, I want to answer a question asked by Suzanne and  Dharma   about how I took away bulk from the front of last week's cardi. The pattern was Simplicity 2603. If you look here Ladies, it will take you to a picture on my Flicker Photo site. Read the comment below it and it will show you what I did. I hope it's clear, but if it isn't , please let me know.

I don't know if you know about Peggy Sagers' new video series called Let's Sew. She puts them out every Thursday night , They are free and so inspiring. I can't say enough about Peggy's generosity for making her webcasts every other Monday night and now these videos, ( 30 so far ), available free to the public. I know they've helped her grow her Silhouette Patterns business, but still, she gives out a lot of free information. I don't always agree with the way she dismisses other people's methods but I do appreciate her creativity in these videos/webcasts.

Her  Lets Sew video # 26 was about this pattern. #112

I don't own that pattern because I've stopped shopping online in the states because of the state of our Canadian dollar . It's just too expensive!  but I tried to interpret the style by using a Silhouette Pattern that I do own ...the Sweater Set  #195 and here is what I came up with.

My biggest challenge was that I didn't know how far to extend the front. I guesstimated and here is what I ended up with. I added 20" to center front but it's a little too much although I love how it turned out. I just can't do the other looks that Peggy talks about in her video.

You hang the lower part around your neck to form the shawl around your shoulders and this is what the back looks like.

Here is another way of wearing the top  which is quite lovely . The front extension looks like a scarf in this look.As you see in this pic. I made 3/4 sleeves for my version.

The fabric has to be drapey and preferably a knit. Mine is a fairly lightweight poly/lycra that fits the bill very nicely. Don't you love the colours in this print ?

Don't I look like a butterfly ?

This is the scarf look version.

I couldn't resist showing this one and BTW, it would be better if your fabric wasn't white on the wrong side like mine because if you move too much the wrong side shows.

This was a lot of fun to make and I'm working on a summer version now..I've had many comlpiments on this one and I hope I've inspired you to check out Peggy's videos and to try one of these.

I hope you had time to sew this weekend. Please stop by again to see what I come up with.

A sewing friend,

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Two Sided \knit Duo

  When I go to a fabric store , I have a really hard time to resist a two sided fabric. Then I can never decide what to make . I always feel that I must use both sides or make a reversible garment.

This past fall Fabricville had this lovely two sided knit . It came in red or black and each was backed by a mini black and white stripe. I bought both colour ways knowing I would make a boat neck top with the striped side and a waterfall cardi in either the red or black. I also wanted to use some of my fabric to make Four Way wraps for my sale. The dilemma this time was which to use for the cardi, red or black ??

Here's what I decided in the end.

For the cardi, I used S2603 , now OOP.

However, I cut I cut away about 6" from the collar and front to minimize the amount and length of the "fall". I love the result and it's not as cumbersome as others I've made in the past. 

Here's the top

I'll wear that top to death because it's my favorite style of all times. I used what I consider to be my Burda  sloper, 6988. I pretty well get a perfect fit with this pattern. This time I scooped the neckline ever so slightly in both the front and back so the boat neck is not quite as severe as in other things I've made in the past .
burda style Umschlag Cover Fertigschnitte

I decided to make a wrap for myself to wear with the top out of the red. I'll use the rest of the yardage for a future fund raiser. By the time I posted this, someone had persuaded me to sell her the above wrap so no photo of me wearing it !

I finally made myself  get pics taken today . It's so hard to decide to do this so I took pics of several outfits including last week's post.

The reason for this pose was my hubby , making fun of me because I was taking theses pics myself and I said I was doing a photo shoot. .

Well that's the end of winter stuff for sure. I have some really fun things to show you next time so be sure to come back for a visit.

Thanks to all who left comments last week . They were really appreciated.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vogue 9240 in Navy and White stripes

Happy Sunday Everyone ! I'm so happy you stopped by because I have such a fun dress to show you

I've had this beautiful two sided cotton knit , which I bought at Mood a couple of years ago when our Canadian dollar was more at par with the American dollar. It would never tell me what it wanted to be until now. As soon as I saw this pattern, V9240 , I heard my special Mood fabric calling " This is it ! This is it !!! "

The pattern...

...and the dress on Antoinette.

Details:  ( I made a mock up in a summer fabric and made an FBA  and added a bust dart to the side piece . I felt the sleeves were a little snug so I dealt with that )

The fabric is a double knit, double sided  cotton in dark navy and white.

The pattern description stated that the silhouette of this dress was fitted, so I cut a size larger and that worked for me. I don't really think this is a very fitted style however .
I used my knit sleeve for my SFD sloper and I'm a little sorry because I feel they are too loose. I first used the mini stripe for the sleeves but I didn't like the result so I took them out , turned them the other way and I like that's much better. 

This is a straight style as you can see and is not shaped at the waist. I was tempted to add back waist darts and still may .

The only changes I made was to do my usual fitting alterations and I decided to make the back all one piece . I didn't think I'd like the back as it is in the pattern. That also omitted the need to match the stripes at center back .

Here's a  closer look at the neckline.

 This is really a very simple dress to make. The mock up I made is a summer version which I'll show you when I finish it . I can think of all kinds of fabrics to use and turn it into tops too. Oh what fun ! I love sewing, don't you ? Lol.

Please let me know what you think. I'd love to see other people's version of this pattern too so if you make it , please let me know.

I have a couple of really cool things to show you another time so come back next week, won't you !

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

An End of Winter Outfit

                                         "Oh where, oh where has my blogging mojo gone ?
                                           Oh where, oh where can it be ? ?? "

I just had to get that out of my system ! Ang Oh My ! i just realized I published a post without meaning to that had no pictures !!! I removed it and will add the photos and repost it later in the week.

There's nothing wrong with my sewing mojo, BTW ! I have so manny things to show you but I'll start with one outfit today and show you more later.
I've got several things made that I just haven't gotten photographed yet but I was wearing today's outfit yesterday and my hubby thought I looke so nice that I decided to get those pics taken.

This is the kind of outfit that I enjoy wearing as a hostess , which I was yesterday.
Here is the shirt on Antoinette.

Don't you love that print ? it's actually a soft blue and grey mix although that's hard to tell here.And look I found perfectly matching buttons.

I love the collar.

And on me.

Now for the details.For the shirt,I used View B of Butterick 5786 but with long sleeves. Otherwise I didn't change a thing except for my usual alterations for fit.I love  both ways of this pattern and have made it a few times before.


Wow ! Is this shirt ever long . ! I can't imagine how long the other view is !
The fabric is a semi-sheer polys that is so pretty that you have to forgive it for being polyester.
It's floaty and feels so nice on.

The pants are Silhouette patterns 3100 which is the best pattern ever but I've talked about many times before. this time I used my palzzo version and decreased the flare. I love wearing these. the fabric is a really beautiful scuba knit that feels wonderful against the skin..

                                  I should have worn heels. those pants are too long for flats !!

My pics are a little washed out, darn ! This outfit looks much nicer in person . In the photos, it looks too long doesn't it ? But I love this one . I'm trying to be discerning in adding things that I need to my closet and this shirt is unlike anything elase I already have..

I have to leave for church now so more later from

Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Retro Dress.

In 1967 I was in Teachers' College and I was already making most of my clothes. I made a dress that I've always remembered because I loved it so much. It was the "mod " period in fashion and this pattern was a good example of that style.I found it on Pinterest and was so excited to see it

I have a whole board of patterns I once owned and sewed and it's always such a thrill to find new ones! Small things amuse .........! 😗

                      Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wykroje vintage:

My 1967 dress was made of a sports weight cotton and was burgundy and teal paisley print. It had long sleeves , a front zipper, patch pockets and a mandarin collar.

Well, I found this burgundy, border print , textured knit and it reminded me somehow of that much loved dress. I thought I would make a tunic to wear with leggings but then I changed my mind and made an above the knee length dress to wear with tights and boots.

I love this thing !! What do you think ?

Well ! It doesn't look that great on Antoinette, I guess !

I  used a couple of different patterns to arrive at this one. Believe it or not , my dress is a combination of Marci Tilton's V 8793 ( OOP ) because I like the loose fit ,


 and Sandra Betzina's 1456

.I used the body, armscye, and sleeve of 8793 and the shoulders .neckline and  collar of 1456

I added an inch to the side seams , somewhat straightened the waist curve and lengthened it to dress lengthen . I angled to a slight A-line  as well.

I took away 5/8" from the neckline because it was too high  for me and that made all the difference. I had to lengthen the collar slightly because of this alteration.

Patch pockets were a no brainer and I was done.

This was an easy make easily accomplished in a day. I really enjoyed the whole process.

I will wear this piece a lot. It will be great to wear for my Sewing Group, for church, for shopping, and even at home because my hubby appreciates it when  I go around the house  "looking cute" (his words ).

I hope you enjoyed my ode to retro . Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your support.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm Back on Track (M 6844 + an SFD Top )

I've been getting great feedback from my Fashion Show / Sale and am planning another one for early June. My head is full of ideas for summer things that I can sew easily , but I'll get help from my sister next time. I've already hit Fabricville where there was a great 40%-40% Sale. Just look at these luscious colours !!

I had a great week sewing for my self. First I'll show you the cozy cardi I made a while back using my morphed version of McCall's 6844.

The closures are some that I found on a belt I bought at a discount store . They don't stay closed so I put tape on the back so they won't open !!

Isn't infinity scarf, a Christmas gift, the perfect  accessory ?

The fabric is a wool blend boucle knit  (Fabricville ) and is warm enough to wear as outerwear on a milder winter day. I've worn this many times already and I get lots of compliments.  This is how I like to wear it.

 I also used for this wrap.

The second piece I'm showing you today is a combination of my Surefit Designs sloper and Sandra Betzina's 1477 .I love this pattern but the twisted bodice accentuates the bust more than I like and I thought the lower half would work with a simple bodice and it does .

The fabric is a poly/lycra from Fabricville.

The trim is a mesh knit. I tried out the twisted neckband and it works I think

I made use of the selvedge and topstitched the cuff in place.

Instead of the bust dart , I shirred the sides . Probably should have aimed higher !!

This is an every day top or an around the house top. I don't love it but its OK. I needed a change from the things I wear all the time as most of my life is lived at home.. I wanted it to be long enough to wear with jeggings ( I don't wear leggings much ).For me that means 30 to 32 " in length. I did wear this to Sewing Group the other day and didn't get any compliments so I guess no one else loves it either . LOL.

This week, I'm having a mini sale of my wraps at my Retired Teachers meeting so I'll be making a few more but I've got a tunic/dress cut out that I'm anxious to get to . I hope you have time to sew this week .

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