Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A New Dress, Marci Tilton's V8817

That's right. I said V8817 and it seemed like a good idea at the time! I made a great fitting top that I love and reasoned it would make an equally great dress but  I'm not so sure about this one.

Here is the top

and now the dress

I finished the neckline with a narrow band

I added another narrow band of black here to outline the curved seam.

I used black cuffs

and I guess this wasn't such a great idea. What I wish I had done was to add an exposed zipper and make the back minus the curved upper back piece. I could still make that happen but I probably won't.

The fabric is scuba knit. I LOVE SCUBA KNIT ! ! ! ! !
I could do a whole post about SCUBA KNIT !
I first used it for yoga pants and absolutely fell in love. There will be more garments made with this wonderful fabric. I buy mine at Fabricville It is smooth, doesn't pill like ponte and wears exceptionally well

To take care of those wrinkles , I added a light shoulder pads and that made all the difference ( no pic).

So, can I have your honest opinion ? What do you think? Is it ugly or am I obsessing ? I would really appreciate your opinions.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lots of Sewing Going On

As usual, right after Christmas is a productive time for me in regards to sewing. Today I'll show you two really fun tops I came up with after being inspired by haunting the net-a-porter site all through the holidays. Another really cool site is farfetch.com which is a French site but being a French speaking lady ,for me , that is no problem.

I'm not citing any particular design, but my meanderings through the above websites just made my mind race with ideas of my own.

The first one is my own version of McCall's 6992.  My twist is that I used a piece of faux fur left over from my Christmas scarves paired with a beautiful heavy weight ponte left over from a pencil skirt made last year.

A few details :

I just love this thing ! It feels yummy on and I've worn it three times in the last week because it's so warm and cozy and it is so very cold out right now!

My second piece is View B of Marci Tilton's 8497, now out of print. You may recall this top I made in the fall using View A. I've really enjoyed wearing that one and this one is made partly of the same quilted fabric.

i was really inspired to make something in black and white after perusing the above mentioned sites. I had a hard time deciding between a jacket and a top. Finally it came to me that a top would be appreciated in these cold winter months , so voila!

The two fabrics are different but both are quilted and equally soft. The white is available at Marci Tilton.com  and at Fabricville for you eastern Canadians.( I bought the black fabric at Fabricville as well .)

As in my View A version, I used strips of the cables  for the neck band and the curved trim. I again wrapped the trim around the neck and front curved seam and top stitched. On the pattern Marci left the front curved seam raw and it  simply lays on top of the other side and stitched down.

I used the back of View A. I toyed with the idea of zippered pockets but decided against it in the end.
This was a lot of fun to create . I'm wearing it right now and am loving it! What do you think?


Next up I have a scuba knit dress to show you but that will be later in the week.

I do hope you have time to sew this weekend.
Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and Christmas Sewing.

Happy 2015 to all who drop by to have a look. I've taken a much needed break from all things blogging but I'm back and as my energy returns after the hectic Christmas season, I'll be sewing some special pieces made from my fall online fabric shopping spree so please check back  in a week or so.

I tried my best to stay away from Christmas sewing to lessen the stress and fatigue of the season but I just couldn't resist the lovely , light weight faux furs that Fabricville stocked this year. A twisted infinity scarf seemed like the perfect gift for sisters, daughters-in-laws and grand-daughters. I remembered to take a few pics so here they are.

These were easy and fun to make except for the fur flying all over the place!  I should stress that not all faux furs would work well . The ones I chose were light weight and not too thick.
In case you want to make one, here are the dimensions that I came up with that seemed to work just right...34"long by 16" wide. I bought .4 meter for each scarf but cut off from the width as the yardage came in a  60" width.

I sewed the length of the scarf, turned to the right side , twisted once and joined the ends matching up the seams, the half way marks as well as the quarter way marks . Of course there is always a length that has to be done by hand but I finished off using a very wide zigzag stitch and sewed off the  fabric.

I made a princess dress for little Poppy, and little fur capes for her and Riley to go with their Frozen princess dresses.( The dress is suppose to be Anna's dress from Frozen. ) No model pics unfortunately.

I had a gorgeous jacquard knit bought in Montreal a while back and one of my sisters really liked it so I decided to make her a topper using View A of McCall's 6844.I used the reverse side of the jacquard for the front band and on the pocket trim. ( I added pockets but they are not included in the pattern. )

I made one last item. I copied a RTW poncho that I own for one of my daughters in law. The fabric is a rather heavy fleece-backed  sweater knit from my stash.I used the selvedge for the hem finishes.

Because of the thickness of the fabric I made the collar single layered .Essentially, this poncho consists of two squares with a neckline cut out at one corner. The collar is a simple rectangle.

Well the grand kids are coming for a sleep over so I'm off.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Christmas Dress, Burda 6988

For once, I made a dress for Christmas and even managed to finish it way ahead of time! Here it is.

It looks much better in person and I love it.

The fabric was suppose to be a charcoal slinky with gold sprays bought from Fashion Fabrics.com. Well, to me , this is nothing like slinky. It's thicker and much less drapey than any slinky I've ever worn. The pattern is formed by dull gold threads and not too blingy which works for me.

I used Burda 6988 because having made it twice this fall if I count the top I made as the muslin, I knew it was a quick sew and a good fit.

I want to emphasize how great the curved French Dart works on the this dress to give one waist definition. I highly recommend this pattern for that one detail.

 I cut a size 10 through the shoulders .but again made a narrow shoulder adjustment and I cut a size 14 from the chest down. As before ,I didn't need my usual FBA and I think using the dart for the size 14 made the difference. This time I lengthened ( as well as narrowed) the sleeves for a ruched look at the cuffs. I made this version more close fitting and I also pegged the skirt from hip to hem, probably about four inches on each side by the time I got to the hem. .

 I intend to do a whole post on this pattern to show how I altered it to fit me including a really cool neckline facing on Diana's Sewing Lessons if anyone is interested. One of my sisters bought this pattern and I want to help her out . So if this pattern is in your stash, that post might be of some interest.I'll post it in a day or two.

I wore my dress  to a gala my husband and I attended in Ottawa last week celebrating Hockey Canada's 100th anniversary. I even have an "action" shot of me wearing the dress. The nice man in the photo with Bob and me is Peter Mackay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada..

I haven't been cruising your blogs in the last while partly because of our trip and also because our house was on the Christmas tour this year and a lot of work was put into decorating and getting it ready. The tour was last night and it was lots of fun! I'll leave you with a pic of the tree and living room, albeit from a previous year, but it still looks like this.

And one taken in the dining room .And there's a nice view of the lake in the distance!

Hope you are sewing great things for Christmas!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Jean Jacket, V7610

 In the spring, I suggested to my  sewing  class , which consists of three great ladies who are so willing to take their sewing to a higher level, that they make a jean jacket for their next project. I reasoned that cotton or denim are both very easy to sew and a jean jacket really is my favorite thing to work on .I wasn't wrong and they have enjoyed the process very much.

We used this OOp pattern V7610 by Sandra Betzina.

I don't have pics of their completed jackets yet but I'll show you the one I made to illustrate each step along the way.

The fabric is a heavy weight denim which reverses from brown to dark blue. It was in a bin at Fabricville and there was only  a meager meter and it had a serious flaw running the width of the piece close to one end. I cut 3/8" seam allowances and somehow managed to avoid the flaw and to cut all the pieces except the facings.

because of the 3/8" seams , I couldn't Hong Kong finish my seams ,so I serged them using a decorative rayon serger thread. Looks great doesn't it!

I used a denim look print for the  facings.

I changed the shape of the pocket to make it easier for all of us. That rounded pocket with the center point is not easy to achieve and I wanted to avoid the aggravation I knew that would cause.As you see, I used navy top stitching thread  because some of the blue is visible through the brown  in this fabric and I love the look.
Don't you love the buttons I found at Fabricville? They are a coppery brass colour and just perfect!.

Oh dear. The back is wrinkled but you can tell I've already enjoyed wearing my jacket and I have to tell you , I felt pretty cool with it worn with dark blue denim skinny jeans and a navy Tshirt.

I love this thing and so do my ladies. I can promise that you'll be impressed with their results when I post them.

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